The baby of the family

Tubely allows to taste all the typical coffee aromas thanks to a spiral unit with special limescale-inhibiting GHA treatment fitted to all versions. Moreover, thanks to the stabilization of the working pressure, the machine guarantees a uniform coffee extraction.



• Pods coffee machine
• Aluminium heat exchanger with excellent thermal stability for coffee extraction
• Power absorption of only 450W with working thermostat of 98°C
• Inlet/outlet 3-way solenoid valve
• Vertical group closure to give at the machine more steadiness at group closure
• Patented Compensator, located in the lower part of the group which allows an effortless closure at constant pressure over time
• Preinfusion
• No water leaks from the filter: that means no dirt deposits on bottom side (persistent problem in traditional systems)
• No group adjustment, the compensator at each use adapts itself to the gasket squashing that occurs every time, with consequent savings on spare parts
• Uniform extraction of the coffee due to the stabilization of the working pressure
• Easy access to group for maintenance purpose through the top cover, which is fixed by means of only two screws
• Spiral unit with special limescale-inhibiting GHA treatment


• Independent cup warmer unit

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