Efficiency surrounded by brightness

BLQ is the professional two-group coffee machine for the bar that, thanks to the backlit LED area customizable with carved logo, allows you to emphasize your personality within the bar.
Available with tank or water connection, with professional groups, BLQ is designed for the low/middle -consuming HoReCa, without renouncing the professional espresso.





• 3l boiler
• Water tank version: 5l (without water sensor)
• 1 steam wand
• 1 water wand
• SMART groups
• 3 vibrating pumps: 1 pump for each group and 1 pump for boiler load
• Electronic dose setting (short coffee, long coffee, double short coffee, double long coffee and manual)
• Boiler pressure gauge
• Air Break and sensor for water lack (available only for water net version)
• Prebrewing
• Large surface for cups with grid
• Inox wire grid for water tray
• Logo and edge sides with led illumination
• Comfortable water tray removable with water supply drainage predisposition
• Interchangeable filter holder for capsules, pool and grinder coffee


• Motor pump (water net version)
• Credit system
• Cup warmer

Download technical sheet