Linear in its distinctive personality, simple in the design, ergonomic in the essence

Kubika presents itself with a linear aesthetics and right angles, combining elegance and rationality in a simple style, being the right answer for all those looking for a machine that guarantees the true essence of espresso coffee.
The 6 light keys on the panel provide a clear indication of their function: the user will start the supply of coffee and hot water and program the desired quantity of drink extremely simply.


• Available in 2 or 3 groups electric version
• Stainless steel body and frame
• GR61 groups
• Stainless steel completely removable upper tray for cups
• Double-scale gauge for boiler and pump pressure control
• 4-dose pushbutton panel
• Automatic dispersing of hot water
• Copper boiler with 12.5l capacity
• Automatic boiler pressure and level control
• Two steam tap levers “dry steam system”
• Two stainless steel steam wands
• Up-lifted groups and moveable lower cup tray (three levels)
• Ergonomic filter holders and anti-slip handles
• Incorporated motor pump


• Cup warmer
• ‘Cool Touch’ steamwand

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